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Welcome to the Vita-You blog. Here we share our tips for healthy skin. Achieve healthy, youthful and supple looking skin all year round.

Welcome to the Vita-You blog

Oregano oil – a wonder ingredient for your skin

Oregano oil is a natural oil extracted  from oregano plants that has been scientifically proven to have potent  antifungal activity.   You’ll therefore be pleased to learn that you can find this powerful natural botanical oil as one of the three prime active ingredients in our fungal serum, FUNGIcycle.

With this in mind, we’re taking a further look at some of the benefits of using oregano oil in your skincare regime:

1.Contains several natural anti-fungal compounds

Research has found oregano oil to be one of the best and most potent plant oils for fighting fungi and also bacteria. This is thanks to its two natural compounds - carvacrol and thymol, which have excellent natural antifungal properties – and this is why you’ll find oregano oil as a key functional ingredient in our triple-action fungal serum, FUNGICycle.

 2.Kills fungus in multiple ways

Oregano oil is a main ingredient in our anti-fungal serum, FUNGIcycle - our 100% natural, vitamin D-enriched triple-action nail fungus treatment because it can kill fungi by interfering with multiple biological pathways.  Oregano oil interfers with fungal cell wall synthesis, inhibits proliferation of fungal spores, inhibits mycotoxin production and blocks energy production in mitochondria of fungi (Pharmaceuticals 2017, vol 10, p86.).

3.Works as an anti-inflammatory

Along with its anti-fungal properties, oregano oil is also known to work well as an anti-inflammatory – making it a perfect natural ingredient for FUNGIcycle, to help soothe irritated skin, reduce redness and promote restoration and healing.

4.High in anti-oxidants

Oregano oil, in addition to powerful anti-fungal compounds carvacol and thymol, also contains powerful healing compounds including terpenes and rosmarinic acid. Oregano oil also contains the bioflavonoid naringin, which has high oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC). Oregano oil is 4 times greater anti-oxidant activity than that of blueberries and higher than vitamin E!

It’s clear to see why oregano oil is the one of the best essential oils to treat fungal skin conditions.That is why FUNGIcycle is a no-brainer, and is a great natural alternative treatment for fungal foot infections.To find out more about Vita-You and how we use it in FUNGIcycle click here.

Robert Greenfield