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Welcome to the Vita-You blog. Here we share our tips for healthy skin. Achieve healthy, youthful and supple looking skin all year round.

Welcome to the Vita-You blog

We need your support! Clinical trial for FUNGIcycle

Here at Vita-You, we want to help the 33 million people who suffer from toe nail fungus and other fungal foot infections. Millions of people risk losing their toe nails due to the fungal infection; which can be incredibly difficult to treat and cure. Over-the-counter (OTC) anti-fungal topical medications are notoriously ineffective and the types of oral prescription medications available can be extremely costly, have dangerous side effects and typically need to be taken for prolonged periods of time.

Vita-You’s 100% natural FUNGIcycle serum is great value and has proved to be highly effective in a short period of time. We have already helped many sufferers of fungal nail, and our next goal is to bring our breakthrough anti-fungal products to help a wider audience.


How can you help?

We have been field testing our FUNGIcycle in podiatrist and dermatology clinics for over a year. These medical professionals have found that FUNGIcycle safely, rapidly and effectively treats toe nail fungus, even with toe nail infections that have been troublesome for many years and refractory to standard anti-fungal creams and lotions. Our podiatrist colleagues are now routinely recommending FUNGIcycle to their patients and incorporate FUNGIcycle in their regimens for treating toe nail fungus.   

In light of this, we are looking for funding to contract with a professional clinical testing company to conduct a valid double-blind study to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of FUNGIcycle for treating fungal foot infections. We will also demonstrate FUNGIcycle is a better treatment for toe nail fungus than established OTC topical treatments.

In return for your support, you will receive rewards and benefits based on your level of support and partnership.

To support our clinical study or for more information, please click here.

Vita-You would like to thank you in advance for your interest in Vita-You and our products. We are passionate about our all-natural skincare products and helping as many of the 33 million fungal nail sufferers as we can.


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