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Welcome to the Vita-You blog

FUNGIcycle for fungal nail

What’s happening to my toes?

What do you see when you look down at your feet and toes? If you are like almost 37 million people in the US, your toe nails may look yellow-brown, thick and brittle. You could well have what doctors call onychomycosis, or more commonly toe nail fungus. You also might be feeling a bit embarrassed to wear those sandals and open-toed shoes this summer because of the way your nails look. As a result, about 3 million people with toe nail fungus go to their doctor or podiatrist to get some treatment. Did you know that 50% of people who visit a podiatrist suffer from toe nail fungus?  However, despite the podiatrists and dermatologists best efforts, many who seek treatment are not helped very much because the drugs don’t work very well. You still have those ugly nails just like the rest of the 33 million who don’t seek medical help. Toe-nail fungus is truly a big problem for millions that is just hard to overcome. 

Getting nailed by fungi

Fungal nail infections are easily contracted in damp, humid conditions, such as showers, locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools and unsanitary pedicures, where the equipment used has not been sterilized properly between customers. You can even contract an infection by wearing someone else’s shoes, socks or by sharing towels, as fungal infections are highly contagious.  They are also commonly found among people with under-lying health conditions, such as diabetes, circulatory issues or an immune-deficiency condition. A fungal nail infection can last for months, years or a life-time because it is difficult to cure. Toe nail fungus stays around a long time because the fungi can reside in the socks and shoes that people wear. If shoes and socks are not disinfected, these hidden fungi can propagate the infection and even re-infect the toe nails that are being treated. That’s also why toe nail fungus is particularly and increasingly prevalent as people age through their 50’s to their 90’s. 

How do I know if I have a fungal nail infection?

The first sign of a fungal nail infection is discoloring of the edges of the nail; which will often spread to the middle as the infection develops. The nail will start to lift off from the nail bed and the nail itself will harden and become brittle. Little pieces of your nail may break off and you may experience swelling and redness of the skin around the nail. The origin of a nail infection is caused by microorganisms such as fungus, mould or yeast that embed and grow in the nail, in the nail bed and in the skin and cuticles surrounding the nails. These are difficult places for most drug treatments to get to which makes many treatments totally ineffective. 

What can I do if I have toe nail fungus?

There are several ways that are used to treat toe nail fungus including over the counter (OTC) topical medications, prescription topical medications, oral medications and laser treatments. Usually, the first attempt is self-treatment using topical OTC creams that you can buy in the drug store. Most OTC products contain anti-fungal drugs such as butenafine hydrochloride, clotrimazole, miconazole, nitrate, terbinafine hydrochloride, and tolnaftate. Unfortunately, these OTC products generally do not work because they never penetrate deep enough into the nail and nail bed to kill the problem fungi. When you think about it, you can readily tell that these easy to obtain OTC drug treatments are pretty useless as evidenced by the many millions of people still suffering from the condition following their use. 

Oral prescription medications contain very powerful anti-fungal drugs that may have to be taken for almost a year to determine whether they have worked or not and they can be very costly. The main oral antifungal medications doctors prescribe are griseofulvin, itraconazolefluconazole, albaconazole, posaconazole, ravuconazole, and terbinafine.

When topical creams don’t work and oral medications are not indicated doctors and podiatrists may suggest laser treatment. Laser treatments for fungal nail infections try to kill fungi in the nail with intense focused light. Treatment protocols can be continued for many months and cost well over a thousand dollars. It is a relatively new treatment approach and results are often poor.

Natural alternatives are the better way to go

So where can you turn when traditional approaches fail for toe nail fungus? The most logical and now common alternative is to go natural. Numerous studies have shown that many essential oils are effective at killing bacteria, yeast and fungi whilst having almost no serious side effects. Tea tree oil is widely known to have natural anti-fungal activities as are oregano, thyme oil, olive oil and rosemary oils. Use of natural functional botanicals as a basis for new fungal nail treatment can be the most cost-effective and the least harmful solution to your body. 

Vita-You has Nailed it!

Vita-You created FUNGIcycle, an all-natural, triple-action fungal foot serum that has proven to defeat fungal nail and athletes foot with its unique formula of pure bioactive botanical oils and vitamins. Anti-fungal botanical oils and skin essential nourishing botanical oils and vitamins D, A and E work synergistically to kill invading fungi and then repair damaged nails, cuticles and skin surrounding the nails. Our FUNGIcycle serum has been recommended and used by medical professionals and podiatrists who found that it is more effective than standard OTC products and treatments and with minimal to zero side effects. 

“…this is more effective than other OTC topical nail treatments. As a supporter of holistic products, I also endorse FUNGIcycle due to its 100% natural ingredients formulation.  Patients continue to express their satisfaction with the use of a natural topical treatment.” - Dr. Dorinda King-Adekunle, DPM, MBA

Why FUNGIcycle?

FUNGIcycle is Vita-You’s 100% natural, vitamin-D enriched, triple-action fungal foot serum, created to treat fungal infections of both the feet and toes. It contains three medically proven natural antibacterial and antifungal essential oils – tea tree oil, oregano oil and thyme oil; formulated in a combination of healing vitamins and botanic oils. FUNGIcycle is a natural remedy in the form of a serum, to ensure it is effectively absorbed through the fungal dermal layers, hard nails and nail beds. The three deep-penetrating antifungal oils work together to destroy the fungal infection. Our proprietary combination of botanical oils and vitamins provide needed nutrients to heal and restore the overall health of the damaged skin and nails. We are the only company that recognizes the importance of including vitamin D to enhance keratinocyte proliferation in our anti-fungal serum.  FUNGIcycle will also relieve discomfort, including itching and pain, around the affected area. Due to the 100% natural formula, you are highly unlikely to experience any unpleasant side effects. What’s even more exciting is that improved looking nails are consistently observed within two weeks of and continue to progress over the next couple of months to where the nails look completely healed.

“FUNGIcycle has proved extremely popular with our patients and we’ve now run out and need more! One of my patients, who is 89, now has amazing nails thanks to FUNGIcycle - he never thought he’d live to see the day.” - Pam H., DPM

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