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Vita-You | ACNEcycle | All Natural Acne Solution

ACNEcycle is our all natural acne solution, which treats acne and prevents future breakouts. Our chemical free products are endorsed and used by dermatologists.

 ACNEcycle - Natural and effective acne treatments

The ACNEcycle advantage

ACNEcycle ARREST and Defend all-natural non-toxic skin care products are useful for the total care of acne – 1) treat acute problems; 2) repair and restore acne-damaged skin; and 3) halt new outbreaks and maintain healthy skin.  ACNEcycle are also effective against other minor skin conditions including eczema, rashes, and blemishes which are also associated or caused by bacterial infection. ACNEcycle, our 100% natural vitamin D-enriched antibacterial serums, are your solution to acne and other minor skin problem conditions. They contain the medically proven natural antibacterial botanical tea tree oil, formulated in a combination of healing vitamins and other skin-nourishing botanical oils.

Optimized tea tree oil

Our acne treatments don’t just smell like tea tree.  ARREST was developed with optimal high amounts of tea tree oil to treat and stop active acne outbreak. Defend is formulated with lower amounts of tea tree oil for everyday use to block bacterial growth causing new acne outbreaks and also promotes a glowing youthful looking appearance.  In contrast, almost all other products made with tea tree oil contain ineffective tea tree concentrations. They smell good but don’t work well.

Natural anti-bacterial tea tree oil is more effective than benzoyl peroxide

In published clinical trials, natural anti-bacterial tea tree oil was found to be more effective and less irritating than the chemical benzoyl peroxide used in some of the more popular anti-acne products.  Benzoyl peroxide is a very harsh chemicals known to burn, dry and scar skin. 

Penetrates, kills bacteria and rapidly heals

The botanical oils and vitamins in ACNEcycle ARREST and Defend were carefully formulated to rapidly penetrate areas of inflammation and bacterial infection. Bactericidal terpenoids from the tea tree oil are delivered deep within the infected areas bringing effective killing action.  Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids, aloe vera and vitamins A, D and E work together to reduce redness from inflammation and nourish skin cells to promote rapid healing. 

Rapid repair and healing

The nutrients in the botanical oils and vitamins work synergistically to promote restoration and healing of bacterial damaged skin.


  • 100% natural and vitamin D enriched

  • Effectively kills bacteria that cause sores and inflammation

  • Rapidly restores and rejuvenates damaged skin

  • Relieves itching and pain

  • Endorsed and used by dermatologists

What our customers say…

ACNEcycle ARREST and Defend have completely cleared up my skin. I’ve been using the products for 3 months now, twice a day, and have noticed a huge difference. I can’t recommend these products enough!
— Ian, Florida