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Welcome to the Vita-You blog. Here we share our tips for healthy skin. Achieve healthy, youthful and supple looking skin all year round.

Welcome to the Vita-You blog

In Development - CYCLAsun - Vitamin D fortified Sun Serum

Some of the ‘fun in the sun’ has been lost since it is now widely recognized that over-exposure to the sun is best avoided. In saying this, it is also recognized that under-exposure to the sun is also not good.

The suns UV rays generate Vitamin D in the skin. Age, skin color, geographic latitude, seasonal variations in available sunlight all influence the amount of Vitamin D synthesized in the skin. Vitamin D is vital for bone metabolism as well as nerve, muscle and immune health. Vitamin D also plays an integral role in in skin protection and rejuvenation, It contributes to skin cell growth, metabolism and repair. Sun exposure of insufficiently protected skin causes UV damage that accelerates aging,, dryness, wrinkles, sun spots and increases the risk of skin cancer. Vitamin D’s anti-oxidant activity helps destroy sun-induced free radicals that can cause premature aging. Vitamins A and E provide essential nutrients to protect and preserve healthy skin exposure to the sun.

Therefore we are developing CYCLAsun which contains all three of these Vitamins. CYCLAsun is carefully formulated to not only act as a natural UV sunscreen but also to moisturize, protect and care for your skin using essential vitamins, nutrients and protective botanical oils.

Why not let Dr Greenfield know what you think of this initiative and whether you would be interested in trialling the new product when it s available. Let’s get the fun back in the sun!


Robert Greenfield