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Welcome to the Vita-You blog. Here we share our tips for healthy skin. Achieve healthy, youthful and supple looking skin all year round.

Welcome to the Vita-You blog

FUNGIcycle at Westchester Foot Care Centre

The Westchester Foot Care mission is to pursue the health and well-being of  patients with foot problems. Podiatrists Doctor Howard Blank and Doctor Afsana Qader offer a combination of ample experience and the use of the latest technology and treatments to address patient concerns and achieve the best results.

They provide expert diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders for children, adults and seniors. They spend quality time with each patient in order to better understand foot care needs, and work closely with primary care physicians and specialists to ensure the most effective treatment plan.

“As part of this we recommend FUNGIcycle natural fungal foot serum. We encourage you to try it. It has proven very popular at Westchester.”

Robert Greenfield